Jun 17, 2011

A historical moment

During the dress rehearsal Tuesday this photo was taken. It assembles a whole lot of ballet history in one snapshot!

From left: Gudrun Bojesen, Vivi Flindt, Johan Kobborg,
Anne Marie Vessel Sclüter og Mette Bødtcher.
Photographer: Rasmus Schou
Trivia about The Lesson:
Flemming Flindt’s The Lesson was created for Danish television in 1963. It's based on the play La Leçon by writer of absurd drama, Eugène Ionesco. The play is a demonically captivating tale about an insane teacher of mathematics and language who kills his pupils. In Flindt’s version the insane teacher is a deranged, sadistic dance instructor. The ballet – as with all Flemming Flindt’s ballets – anticipates the advent of the international World Theatre wave, which indeed is far more obvious today than it was when his ballets were created. This wave implies, among other things, that the genre – in this case ballet – overflows its boundaries and engages with and is inspired by other genres.

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