Jun 4, 2011

Best experience so far ...

Today we are performing for the last time on the west coast (on this tour!). Sunday we’re heading for the east coast and new adventures, but before we are taking of, a bunch of dancers are sharing their best tour-experiences so far…

Charles Andersen, Corps de ballet – and born in Orange County.
I have been so overwhelmed by my friends and family coming to see our shows. There have been a lot of people who I have not seen in over 10 years, including my first ballet teacher coming to see our shows. I have been so happy to be able to come home and show my family what I have been doing and why I have moved away from America”.
From left: Alexander Stæger, Amy Watson and Charles Andersen
Amy Watson, Principal dancer:
For me I would have to say that it is feeling so warmly welcomed back to my country. People have been so enthusiastic about our company, and it has made me so proud to be an American!”.

Carling Talcott
Carling Talcott, Corps de ballet:
Onstage, I would have to say that my best tour experience was having my premiere as Giovanina in the first act of Napoli. I had never been in the first act before, and playing such an aggressive character was totally new to me. I had so much fun onstage, stepping back in time to 1950s Napoli with my friends; I really was able to enjoy myself fully and be someone totally different for a little bit. Acting is a part of ballet that I need to work on, and this role was a fantastic way to do so.
 Offstage, my best tour experience was definitely spending our free day in San Francisco with my best friend, Constantine. Even though I have been to the city several times, it's one of my favourite places in America to visit. San Francisco is such a beautiful, fun place, and our free day trip was wonderful. We got ample amounts of sunshine, delicious food, shopping, sea lions, trolley rides, top-notch "people watching," and sightseeing--excellent ingredients for a pretty perfect day”
From left: Marcin Kupinski, Tim Matiakis, Cedric Lambrette and Andrew Bowman
Marcin Kupinski, Principal dancer:
“For me the best experience on this tour would be meeting random "artists". When my friends and I were driving along the west coast on a day of, we ended up on Venice Beach in LA where we met these two guys playing guitar and singing, one was an actor and the other one was a singer/guitar player. It wasn't anything special. The song was simple in words but very catchy. They were very excited to present it to us and we started singing along. They also tried some of the ballet steps and jumps and it was a simple, but very cool and fun adventure!”.

Ida Praetorius, Apprentice:
"The best experience was when I ran down the stairs as the student in The Lesson. For a moment I just stood still and stared at the set – which is an old ballet room, and then I looked at the audience but couldn’t see them because it was completely dark. Only thing I could see was these exit signs – the looked like blinking stars. I was present and no where else. It was wonderful!"

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  1. Ok, so this was so good, I saw you guys @Berkeley on Friday, as part of my season subscription, and liked everything so much I went and bought the tix for Saturday. I probably would have brought for Sunday too, had you stayed! Question - is there any way I can buy a recording of the Earth? Or do i have to wait another 15 years before you come to CA again??
    Your new fan, Anastasia