Jun 22, 2011

Guest Blogger: Holly Dorger, dancer

And here's a final word from Holly Dorger - dancer in corps de ballet. Enjoy! :-)

"All the girls are getting ready in the dressing rooms at the Koch Theater in Lincoln Center, NYC. Our last stop on this four week American tour. The voice of Thomas, one of our stage managers, comes over the loud speaker with a wink in his voice announcing that it is the half hour call to curtain for our last show on tour! Several sighs occur, as enthusiastic smiles break upon the girls faces. The words of, "We can do it," is on everyone's tongues.

So dear America... the United States of America. It has been wonderful to be back on your soil. The ballet company has hit four major cities and each location was unique with its own flare, strong American touch and lots of variety. Denmark is calling us home now.

But don't worry our bags are stuffed with all our favorite American goodies and souvenirs.

One thing though that cannot be packed or physically packaged in any form is the audience's applause and reaction to us, as a company.

The shouts, the bravo's, the noise and the enthusiastic faces standing up will have to become an engraved memory. From the first show in Orange County, California there was a warmth from the applause saying welcome. There was an undertone of surprise and not quite sure what to think about us Danes but by the time the curtain came to its final close they seemed pleasantly impressed. Then the crowd in Berkley, California embraced us with an open minded response.

As we traveled East to Washington D.C. the cosmopolitan, political and formal side of the United States stepped away from the boiling heat to join us in the theater for a true Bouronville week. With three shows of a Folktale and four Napoli's back to back. There was even time for a special visit from the Danish Queen . The audience filled the huge theater with a proud and humble thank you to be stepping into these precious fairy tales.

Finally back to the closing curtain in the Big Apple. The sense of making it in NYC puts you on the map, pushed every dancer in the final week. Despite being exhausted, the company as a whole stepped up and performed so that everyone was proud to be a part of this company. In a huge world, Denmark isn't the biggest country but we proved size isn't the most important. We were all so proud to be bowing in front of the audience knowing that Copenhagen was where we were going home to. In the end the Royal Danish Ballet was shining. The audience could see it. The dancers could feel it. And if I could I would have captured that light in a jar and brought it home so that those who couldn't be with us could experience the gleam too.

Fresh off the plane in Copenhagen, 8:30 in the evening and the sun still hasn't set. The light makes me think that maybe the sparkle is already here. Maybe we just shared it with another country. Welcome back everyone! Thank you."

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  1. thank you for sharing the tradition and beauty that is the Royal Danish Ballet with us Yanks!