Jun 11, 2011

Great review from NYTimes

This morning started with a happy dance by the breakfast buffet since we just got a great review of A Folk Tale in New York Times. 

... It’s a joy to see the Danish dancers again. On Thursday the heart leapt with Susanne Grinder’s Hilda, an image of transcendent purity both amid the trolls and when restored to her original home. And the heart leapt in a different way with Lis Jeppesen. This enchanting artist was Hilda when I first saw this ballet in 1979, and now she plays the sweeter and naughtier of the troll queen Muri’s two sons, Viderik, with no apparent loss of youthfulness or wide-eyed charm.

Alba Nadal’s Birthe, Marcin Kupinski’s Ove and Mogens Bosen’s Muri are all characterizations of tremendous vitality, and the seven dancers of the Act III divertissement whetted the appetite for the pure-dance passages of Bournonville that will be seen in New York next week.

You can read the whole review here:

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