May 31, 2011

A very special night - tonight!

Of course going on tour is a big deal for everybody in the company. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s hard work. 

Caroline Cavallo will have her comeback as a dancer with the RDBallet when she is dancing the title role in ‘La Sylphide’ tonight. 

Cavallo who was born in America came to Denmark in 1989, where she was a dancer with RDBallet till her retirement in December last year. Now she’s back on stage for one night in Berkeley (she’ll perform June 18th in New York as well). It’s a big night for us!But tonight’s performance is a bit more special than normal for two of the dancers in RDBallet. 

Far away from retiring is Ida Praetorius. She’s a very talented first year apprentice with the RDBallet and she’s the other ballerina with a special night to come.

Praetorius will make her debut as the student in Flemming Flindts legendary ballet ‘The Lesson’. It’s a big change for the young dancer and she has been preparing for months. Underneath are a few snapshots from the rehearsals with principal Mads Blangstrup – photos taken by David Amzallag:

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  1. Well, according to superstition one should not express any good wishes, so I'll just say:

    " Merde "

    to both of you! ;-)

    ( And by the might want to write about what you most want to hear just before going on stage ??? )