May 26, 2011

First reviews!

Today day of. Tomorrow Napoli

Spending the day reading the first reviews in the US:

LA Times:
"Can a 263-year-old ballet company be reinvented? Can its reliance on 19th-century nostalgia and Old World charm be dumped in favor of a bracingly contemporary muscularity and heat? And can its unique classical style emerge from this daring transformation looking stronger than ever? 

The answers proved triumphantly affirmative on Tuesday, when the Royal Danish Ballet opened its first Southland engagement in more than 15 years at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Under the artistic direction of Nikolaj Hübbe (best known in America as Copenhagen's gift to New York City Ballet), the Danes offered an audacious, five-part “Nordic Choreography” program emphasizing what has always been their pride and glory: male dancing." Read the whole review here

OC Register:

"It was all about the men on Tuesday at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Royal Danish men, to be precise." Read the whole review here 

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