May 24, 2011

Love to make the audience laugh

Tuesday means: first premiere at Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Orange County. First of 23rd performances in the US. 

Charlie Andersen is a dancer in RDBs corps de ballet AND he’s from Orange County, so let’s hear what he’s most excited about? 

 "I am looking very much forward to dancing our Nordic Choreographers program. I think it is a really nice mix of a lot of the work that we have been doing this season. There is a good blend of Bournonville in the Bournonville Variations and later in the evening we are dancing to Metallica music and rolling on the floor. It is a large challenge to show these two different techniques in one evening but it is great for us as dancers to go through those two stages of movement and hopefully it’s exciting for the audience as well. In the same program are new ballets by Johan Kobborg that are so much fun to dance. They both add a great bit of humor into the evening. It is great to feel the audiences excitement for the ballets but it is even more fun to hear them laugh and that happens easily in these two ballets by Johan."


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