May 21, 2011

Interviews with Nikolaj Hübbe

Artistic director of The Royal Danish Ballet, Nikolaj Hübbe, has given a bunch of interviews to the American press lately.

Read the interview in LA Times about Napoli and how he became artistic director here

And one more ... 

The Orange County Register: What was the biggest challenge of leaving New York for Copenhagen?
Nikolaj Hübbe: To say farewell to dancing and City Ballet was not too hard. I think the hard part was moving from New York to Denmark and going from being a dancer to a director. I didn't miss the dancing, it was the new job. And the culture shock. I was 17 years in New York. I knew the language but I was self-conscious about speaking Danish. I didn't know the country and the ins and outs anymore
Read the whole interview with The Orange County Register here

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